Friday, 27 March 2020

4 Variants of Single Origin Indonesia Coffee Capsules from Unakaffe System

Speaking of favorite drinks in Indonesia, it seems that coffee is one not to be missed. Especially with the fact that Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee-producing countries. The distinctive taste and enjoyment when sipping this drink always presents its own memorable experience. However, maybe there are still not many people who can mention that each type of coffee produces different flavors. People also might not understand fully about the characteristics of Unakaffe System capsule coffee flavor that comes from coffee processed from quality coffee beans.

This is a type of 100% original Arabica coffee beans from Rante Karua, South Sulawesi, which is further fermented by the wild Luwak. Luwak coffee has a floral and fruity aroma with a touch of red plum and red wine. The original civet coffee has a fragrant aroma like pandan leaves and the fragrance is spread to a fairly wide range. The taste is suitable for those of us who like coffee with different freshness on the tongue.

Arabica coffee beans 100% original from Mandheling, North Sumatra has a smooth medium texture with a sweet caramel flavor. Not only that, but this type of coffee is also rich in taste because it is equipped with a slight mixture of raisins, spices, tobacco, and prune aka dry plum. Mandheling coffee is a type of coffee with a higher level of thickness and delicious variety.

Furthermore, there are 100% original Arabica coffee beans from Rante Karua coffee plantations, Toraja, South Sulawesi. This coffee has a thick and smooth texture that offers a mixture of chocolate aroma and grapefruit flavor, the aroma is fragrant and delicious. So, for coffee fans, it is not too bitter and fresh to choose Toraja coffee.

The latest variant of the Unakaffe System comes from 100% of Arabica coffee grown in the Flores volcano plantation in East Nusa Tenggara. With the aroma of caramel and coffee flowers and the taste of red apples and peaches, this coffee will give a new taste to your tongue.

That is the characteristic of Unakaffe System capsule coffee taste taken directly from the variety of authentic Indonesian coffees. Now, it does not need long processing to enjoy specialty coffee. There is Unakaffe System as a solution to make coffee easily and quickly without losing the distinctive taste of the coffee. Even just taking the time with 20 seconds, quality black coffee is ready to accompany your days.