Monday, 30 March 2020

Tips to Stay Optimistic During WFH

In order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, a number of companies and institutions have decided that their workers could work from home (WFH). This method aims to reduce the probability of someone not contracting or transmitting COVID-19. During the WFH period, it is important for you to remain optimistic and productive. The following are tips for staying optimistic during the WFH period.


  1. Maintaining communication with friends and the workplace

During the WFH period, it is important for you to continue to associate with family, relatives, friends, and even office colleagues. Maintaining communication with office friends is very important. Aside from maintaining communication about work, this will also be a reminder that even at home, you still have tasks and responsibilities to complete.


  1. Filter and share positive stories to everyone

News about the COVID-19 pandemic that spread on television screens to social media was indeed worrying. But, make sure you filter out the news that is circulating so you will not trapped by fake news. Tips for staying optimistic during the next WFH period, you can share positive stories with everyone via social media page. Sharing energy and positive enthusiasm with others to ease tensions in the midst of this pandemic will be very beneficial.


  1. Try new activities

During WFH, you can also try new activities that are useful. Like learning knowledge related to your work, doing a long-standing hobby, starting a sport, or trying a new recipe. You can start your day with a glass of coffee that you make yourself with a capsule coffee machine from the Unakaffe System and try new activities so that WFH doesn't feel saturated.


  1. Even though #StayAtHome, it's still important to complete the work

Even though you're working from home, that doesn't mean you can leave your job and responsibilities. Make sure you continue to feel positive and responsible for carrying out work at home. Get the job done every day, and don't let it pile up.


  1. Don't forget to enjoy the new variant of capsule coffee with Unakaffe System capsule coffee machine​​​​​​​ between work

Maintaining productivity when WFH becomes a challenge. But, that does not mean you have to stare with your work all day. In the midst of busyness, don't forget to take the time to get a cup of Arabica Gold that you can make with Unakaffe System capsule coffee machine. Arabica Gold consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans from the best arabica plantations. Arabica Gold from Unakaffe System also has the aroma of spices and orange peel that makes the coffee more delicious.


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